About Our Street Books

Our Street Books for children of all ages, deliver a potent mix of fantastic, rip-roaring adventure and fantasy stories to excite the imagination; spiritual fiction to help the mind and the heart grow; humorous stories to make the funny bone grow; historical tales to evolve interest; and all manner of subjects that stretch imagination, grab attention, inform, inspire and keep the pages turning. Our subjects include Non-fiction and Fiction, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Religious, Spiritual, Historical, Adventure, Social Issues, Humour, Folk Tales and more.

PARENTING STEPS, is a new series within Our Street Books, which covers child rearing. This includes conventional and alternative ways of rearing children and surmounting illnesses (from bringing up baby to cancer and physical disabilities as well as the spectrum of brain injured children, and also how to handle and support a child who is gay). Often these books will tell stories of a child's life, or about the spiritual side of illness.

Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting submissions for the 7-9 age range, full-length adventure or chapter books on a variety of subjects of approximately 20,000 – 35,000 words, with perhaps a few quality black and white sketches.

At the top of the age range 9-12 years, we are seeking adventure books for children, all subjects, usually without sketches and word length approximately 35,000 to 65,000 words.

Non-fiction books submissions are welcome along the above lines, and in addition books on parenting for our Parenting Steps series.

With regrets we are not currently accepting colour fiction or rhyming picture book submissions for very small children 2-6, except from existing authors or those with previous success in the field.

Young Adult/New Adult Books should be submitted to Lodestone Books http://www.lodestonebooks.com


John Hunt Publishing began in 2001 under the name of O Books, and now publishes nearly 300 titles a year. In 2010 we reorganized ourselves into a number of autonomous imprints operating in different genres. We make every title available in print and digital, and market to the trade worldwide. Over 90% of our sales come through the bricks-and-mortar and online retailers.

The imprints are largely run by authors who have gravitated to publishing, whether coming up through editing, design or marketing, and they draw in turn on a pool of several dozen like-minded people, scattered around North America and Europe. A central office looks after sales, accounts, and royalties.

We rely heavily on in-house online publishing systems, in order to be lean, quick, and hand back to the author as high a proportion of the sales income that we can achieve (our ebooks royalties for example are 50% of receipts, averaging about one third of the sale price). We do not pay advances. About one quarter of the titles on the list have an element of subsidy from the author, where the readers/editors liked the book but were not confident that we would recover the publishing costs, given our royalty rates and retail prices.

We edit and market every title, providing each one with a basic promotional campaign. For every 500 copies sold, we dedicate another round of publicity. Other author services for more publicity or editorial help/mentoring are available at a cost if wanted.

We communicate through an author forum, with additional FB closed author groups for different imprints. Authors have access to the 40,000 + contacts database, categorized and prioritized. There is further communication through the FB reader pages, with 60,000 + followers. Sales figures are available to view on a monthly basis, royalties are paid twice a year.

More than most publishing companies, the business is the authors. They run it. We develop it each year in the direction they decide.


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