Gregory Dark
Gregory Dark

Gregory Dark was born in London on August 31st, 1950. His father, John, until his retirement was an English film producer; his mother, Elizabeth, was an American drama critic. Theatre and film were as much part of his DNA as was an amalgam (often uncomfortable) of British and American cultures. He was schooled at St Paul's, London, whose alumni include John Milton, Samuel Pepys, GK Chesterton and Compton McKenzie. His education began shortly after he left.

During his careers in theatre, film and television, he has worked with
many of the world's finest talents: writers like Edward Bond, Michael
Frayn and Christopher Hampton; directors like Lindsay Anderson,
William Gaskill and William Friedkin; and actors too numerous to list ... from Peggy Ashcroft to Julie Walters, from John Gielgud to John Cleese, from David Niven to Bob Hoskins, from Sophia Loren to Dandy Nichols.

Latterly his work has been confined to the literary. ˜The Prophet of the New Millennium was published in 2006; The God of the New Millennium two years later. The trilogy was completed in 2010 with Man of the New Millennium. Also released in 2010 was 'Titus and Roni' and his first book for young people 'Charming !'.

Books by Gregory Dark
Susie and the Snow-it-alls by

Susie and the Snow-it-alls

Nov 2011

Whos your friend ? The person who helps you be the youest you !

Al's Well by

Al's Well

Nov 2011

A triangle with four sides !

Man of the New Millennium by

Man of the New Millennium

A search for us in an age of me

Aug 2010

The road from man cruel to manKIND.

Charming! by


If the glass slipper fits...

Aug 2010

Kidnapped meets The Simpsons

Titus and Roni by

Titus and Roni

Aug 2010

Two parents who, in facing death, face life. Perhaps for the first time.

God of the New Millennium, The by

God of the New Millennium, The

A search for balance in an age of spin

Mar 2008

A Search for Balance in an Age of Spin

Prophet of the New Millennium by

Prophet of the New Millennium

Apr 2006

inspired by Kahlil Gibran this book complements Gibran's classic book The Prophet.


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