Alyssa Chronicle, The

Alyssa Chronicle, The

The Princess Gardener, Book II

A princess and a farm girl, having successfully swapped places, now find themselves having to swap back to defend the farmers and gardeners of the kingdom against a greedy plot...


'The old couple had whirled into my life. I could never have seen then how large the whirling, how big the circles.'

In The Princess Gardener, Princess Eugenie swapped places with Alyssa, a farm girl of her exact likeness, and they both got what they had longed for... Eugenie a chance to work on the land and Alyssa an education.

The second installment, The Alyssa Chronicle, sees the upcoming wedding of Arbuckle Beauregard the III which is to be a state event. Everything must be perfect. With the help of a magical couple, the girls must swap back in order to stop a royal plot to steal all the flowers of the land.

Will Alyssa and Princess Eugenie's friendship and determination be enough to defend the farmers and gardeners of the kingdom? And will the girls succeed in getting back to their preferred places?


PRAISE FOR MICHAEL STRELOW: '... illuminates the beautiful and mysterious transformation that occurs when we listen carefully to the world.' ~ Scott Nadelson, author of Between You and Me

Michael Strelow
Michael Strelow Michael Strelow has a Ph.D in Literature, and has published poetry, short stories, and non-fiction essays in literary and commercial magazin...
Emajen by Ashley Ledigo


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Princess Gardener, The by Michael Strelow

Princess Gardener, The

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A princess and a farm girl scheme to swap lives and in doing so help save the kingdom, and themselves.

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