Boring Bible: Super Son

Boring Bible: Super Son

Series 1

Find out about angels, sin and the Super Son of God.


Boring Bible books are an exciting way of discovering that the Bible is far from boring. The series of books covers all the major themes that run through the Bible and they are packed with jokes, facts, cartoons and thought-provoking questions. Kids will be encouraged to turn to the Bible to find out more about some of the characters they meet in these pages. The Boring Bible books series takes the reader from Genesis to Revelation. Collect the series now! The Bible will never be quite the same again! In Super Son youll find out just how useful angels are, how God had decided to solve the problem of sin and what were the Qualifications needed to be Messiah.

Andy Robb
Andy Robb Andy Robb is a committed evangelical Christian, whose two children have taught him how to express his faith clearly and relevantly.
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