Changeling Quest, The

Changeling Quest, The

Children of the Fae

A fairy baby is swapped for a human baby. Ten years later the secret is out and Tara and Niamh along with friends Lucy and Jared set out on an adventure of a lifetime.


A fairy baby is swapped for a human baby. Ten years later the secret is out and Tara and Niamh along with friends Lucy and Jared set out on an adventure of a lifetime. (Ages 9-13 but also liked by adults)

The full power of the freezing water crashed into them, knocking them off their feet, snatching Tara’s breath away. She managed to hook one arm around the handrail, trying her best to hold onto Lucy with the other. As one side of the bridge collapsed, Lucy’s feet scrabbled to keep a footing, but she slipped down the wooden planks.

Tara lost her grip, but managed to grab Lucy’s hand as she held it out. She was left dangling over the water.

‘I can’t hold on, Tara. Don’t let me fall! Please don’t let go!’ Lucy begged, her hand beginning to slip from Tara’s.

There was no time to think. ‘No, I won’t let you go, Lucy.’ With that, Tara let go of the handrail and they plunged together into the raging torrent.


Four children step through a magical gateway into faerie. This is no accident, but a deliberate plan. One of them is a changeling child, and the call to return home is powerful. However, this is not to be a simple homecoming, danger and adventure await. Maria Moloney has written an exciting tale that draws on faerie lore whilst weaving in an abundance of original elements. This is just the sort of book I would have wanted to read as an older child, and as an adult reader I found it highly engaging. It’s comparable to Lloyd Alexander’s work, in the way it mixes myth and original ideas, and there’s a similar sort of atmosphere, pace and style. Definitely the sort of book a young Pagan reader would enjoy, I can certainly recommend it. At a guess it would suit more wordy young readers who are over the age of 8, but there are some scary bits, so children who are easily frightened should stay away. ~ Nimue Brown, The Druid Network

If you are into Otherworld stories this is one that will enthral and intrigue right to the last page. Tara, Niamh, Lucy and Jared are friends. It is Niamh’s birthday and like all birthdays it is set to be a special event: but this one is to be more special than usual as Tara and Niamh are not all they seem to be. Tara realises that there is something different about her as her strength in the water is superior to most other kids her age and her toes and fingers develop webbing the longer she remains in the water. Niamh has characteristics that are not that of human children and it is long thought by the members of their family she was changed as a young child for that of a child of the Otherworld. Jared and Lucy have been invited for a sleep-over, Jared much to Tara disgust as he is out of favour with her at the moment: The four friends have decided it is time to try and sort out the mystery of why Tara and Niamh are different, their mother is sad all the time and Uncle Fergus seems to know more about the other side of things than perhaps he should. As the night creeps closer to midnight the four friends sneak down to the bottom of the yard where there is a burial mound that has always seemed to have magical properties and is, or appears to be, guarded by a large Hare with evil glinting eyes. Is this the entrance to the Otherworld or is it just another burial mound? The friends decided to find out so, at Midnight they step onto the mound and find, with a flash of blue light, they are plunged into adventure like never before and more than their wildest imaginings could have ever though up. Fast paced in places and downright devious in others there is a cast of many which are often far more than they appear to be and make it difficult for the friends to decide who to trust in this new and strange world of magic, evil and mystique. Look out for more adventures in the Otherworld with the friends in book two in the Children of the Fae series. ~ Jan Mawdesely, Bluewolf Reviews

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. I really liked it! It was full of adventure and kept me guessing at the mysteries! It was a pleasant escape into an enchanting world and I look forward to reading a sequel. ~ Genevieve Franklin, Goodreads review

...The Changeling Quest is an adventurous story that will engage its audience, causing rapidly turning pages and open books until the last page has been read. There would seem to be much violence in this story but the author has wisely chosen her words making those scenes less violent than they probably should be. No one is going to suffer nightmares from reading this imaginative fantasy of two divided families getting a chance to reunite their members and understand their history. Read more: ~ Kid Lit Reviews,

From reading the synopses I thought, Oh wow this book is going to be adventurous, and it was! ... So much happened to these poor kids there had to be someone plotting against them, there was evil plotting and betrayals. But not all things that happened were bad; there was magic, wonder, and innocence. They were in danger because of who they were and they couldn't change that, they had to find a way to survive while trying to find out who they were. ...I really enjoyed this story. The scenery was amazing, the descriptions of the castles, and the dresses. It was all so enchanting, I felt. In the Otherworld things are not what they seem, and that was a huge part of the plot; the excitement of finding out the mysteries. Although I didn't figure out the secrets ahead of time, I enjoyed the unraveling of the secrets. I was at the edge of seat a lot in this story and I can't wait for the next one, I'm sure it will also knock my socks off. Read more: ~ Itara,

I loved this book, it was like embarking on a wonderful and exciting adventure. The story grabbed me right from the very start with vivid magical imagery and believable characters to keep you guessing until the very end. I just had to keep turning the pages. The characters of the four children are interesting and appealing, taking the reader on one exciting adventure after another. The magical characters they meet along the way, with their unique qualities and gifts, keep the reader guessing as we're never completely sure whether their intentions are kind or evil. I loved the book, it reminded me of the Enid Blyton books of old, and took me back to the exciting adventures I read about in my childhood of the famous five and the magic faraway tree! I definitely recommend it to anybody who is looking for an exciting book for a child (or even their parents!). I am looking forward to the next book in the 'Children of the Fae' series. ~ Carolyn Doughty, Amazon review

I had to fight my husband for this book. Although not my usual subject I really couldn't put it down. An extremely enchanting story that quickly transports the reader into another world. Well written and a highly recommended read. ~ The Watcher, Amazon

Rowling's Harry Potter books practically lived in my handbag, and Anderson's "Knife" I finished in one 9 hour reading marathon, as I was on a holiday. But Maria Moloney's "Changeling Quest" made me go to bed at 8 in order to have more time to read! It took me one week and I was sad when I reached the last page, but the most remarkable thing was that even after I stopped reading, my mind kept on wandering around in the Fae country. And I loved it! Can't wait to get my greedy little hands on the sequel. Utterly enchanting! ~ Aila, Amazon review

It's taken me three days of almost non stop reading between chores to finish this book. I fully admit it took me a while to get into it as it moved so fast and went from one busy scene to another. But as the pages grew I couldn't put the book down. I warmed to the different fae, especially the light elves and the mermaids, along with others that linked into what I felt were elemental. The author takes us on a very exciting journey through magical doorways into lay line tunnels to a different land. This is very much a fairy tale with a modern twist and leaves you ready and eager to read more tales. I won't tell you more of the tales, other than to say to look for a white stag, and other even more magical creatures. ~ Susan Kennedy, Amazon Review

This magical story pulled me in from the beginning. It was that perfect mix of danger and playfulness that characterizes a successful children's story, so just wonderful. Fast moving plot, never dull. The characters were all likable or otherworldly or frightening--Zalen especially intrigued me. Just overall a fun book that left me sad to go back to ordinary life without gateways and sylphs and sinister fairyland plots. A sequel??? ~ Cricket Baker, author of The Ghosting of Gods, Goodreads/Amazon review

Maria Moloney
Maria Moloney Maria Moloney Wilbrink has worked for John Hunt Publishing since 2008 and is imprint publisher for Our Street, Lodestone and Donona Books. S...
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