Dear Little Angels: Ariel

Dear Little Angels: Ariel

When your little angel's sad, poorly or full of fright, call on the help of celestial superheroes: "Archangels take flight!"


Love, joy, laughter, comfort, security, creativity, imagination, inspiration and magic are the key ingredients that make a child's world go round. The Little Angels series evokes all of these things, along with teaching children – and reminding their parents – about some very important life lessons. This is all done through the pure, loving, supportive and positive messages and guidance of the Archangels. Each book focuses on one particular Archangel, how you can meet them and which specific life issue/area they can help with (i.e. Michael brings you courage when you're scared), and includes a simple colour-based mini meditation designed to captivate the child's imagination, and help them to connect more easily to the angelic beings. The books are written in rhyme for a lullaby effect to give added comfort and reassurance, and to aid the child's own reading ability as the words flow more easily in rhyme. Many children have an imaginary friend, but these books prove to little ones that their angel pals are very real. Invite the angels in and they can make your life truly magical.

For children aged 3 to 5 years. The Dear Little Angels series is available in Europe, but not available in US.


So many people ask me for recommendations for children’s angel books, so I was delighted to come across this one. It’s a charming book with an enchantingly simple storyline and bright, colourful illustrations. It’s the perfect way to teach little ones about our beautiful angel friends. Both children and adults will love this! ~ Jacky Newcomb, The Angel Lady, Bestselling Author

This profound and poetic tale will light up the hearts of both parents and children alike. It creates a simple and safe introduction to the magic of angels! I loved it! ~ Kyle Gray, The Angel Whisperer

These colourful and fun little books are like the Mr Men of the angel world! Each tale is based on a different Archangel, it's specific blessing or lesson and a colour visualisation to help children, as well as the big kids among us, connect with these loving beings. ~ Prediction magazine

This enchanting little book will help children everywhere to connect to angels. ~ Diana Cooper

Just like Angel Ariel I always feel ‘in the pink’ when reading Alexandra’s glorious stories, and this one doesn’t fail to delight. What a wonderful introduction for any child to the world of Faeries and Angels, full of gentleness and fun, and packed with poignant teachings about the world of feeling – seen from an Angel’s perspective, of course. Well done Alex and Gemma, and I hope Angel Ariel is watching over me! ~ Stewart Pearce, Sound Healer and Angel Medium

Alexandra Wenman
Alexandra Wenman Originally from Australia, Alexandra Wenman has lived in London for 15 years and currently works as Editor for Prediction Magazine. She has ...
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