Two children undertake an epic journey across three amazing worlds to defeat the tyrannical Crevitos.


Emajen is a world, similar to Earth. Doodland is a world where all the sketches that human beings doodle spring to life. Crevitos is a cruel and beautiful Creation, with multi-world domination and devastation in mind. Two youngsters from Earth, Destiny and Anthony, become embroiled in a complex expedition to save Emajen from Crevitos’ tyranny and his growing army of almost invincible Creations.


An engaging fantasy for young readers! I enjoyed reading Ledigo's debut novel. Her complex multi-world story was well-paced and intriguging. I appreciated her optimistic caring voice and look forward to reading more about Ledigo's characters and worlds. This particular book would appeal particularly to young readers, ages 9-12, who are horse-lovers as horses are spotlighted in this fantasy! A good debut! ~ Helen T, NetGalley

‘Emajen’ was recommended to me by a colleague as an excellent read for children in Yr 5 and above. It did not disappoint. Powerful descriptive writing brings ‘Crevitos’ to life in the first chapter, setting the scene for what is to come. We learn that Crevitos has been drawn as the powerful leader of ‘Doodleland’ in a comic strip, but that he has gained his freedom from his creator…..an original start that left me eager to read more. Little tasters of his power and cruelty continue between chapters in which we see the relationship between the main characters (Destiny and Anthony) develop through their mutual love of animals. We then see the two youngsters begin an exciting journey together to save the parallel world of Emajen. The contrasts in characters are important throughout the book; just as we have been unsettled by the fury and evilness of Crevitos and the gruesome and vivid descriptions of the way he treats ‘creations’, we are taken away to calmer places by the whimsical doodles and charming Sadler and Squib who lighten the mood. The roller coaster of emotions between chapters adds to the impact as the tension builds to an exciting climax. I was captivated from the start and look forward to reading ‘Emajen’ to my class; I have no doubt they will love it. ~ Jenny Goodfellow - Bsc PGCE

The cruel and callous Crevitos, hell-bent on universal domination, comes head to head with the resourceful and courageous Destiny and Anthony, via a weird and wonderful collection of 'creations' - physical manifestations of our own absent-minded doodles. Parallels with the adult world we know - oppression, exploitation, avarice - are inescapable, but this children's fantasy in the grand manner culminates in a nail-biting denouement which will leave kids of all ages wanting more. And there is just a hint that more there may be. ~ Chaz Burrows - Dip.Hum./ BA

I'm a compulsive doodler but I never dreamt that my harmless little scribbles could be dangerous. Please tell me one of them' s not twitching itself into a living nightmare as I write this. I'm afraid to go to bed. Loved the book though. More please. ~ Debbie Taylor - Dip.D'Ets.Bil./ BEd./ MA

Ashley Ledigo
Ashley Ledigo As a primary school teacher, Ashley is passionate about sharing a love for writing with children of all ages. In her mid twenties, Ashley wr...
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