Jonah and the Last Great Dragon

Jonah and the Last Great Dragon

Legend of the Heart Eaters

When legendary creatures invade our modern world,  only dragonfire can destroy them - and Jonah alone can control the Great Dragon.


On the first morning of Jonah Drake’s summer holiday on the Welsh Borders, an enormous dog attacks him, and then weird creatures appear. An old legend of the area comes true and the last Great Dragon of Wales wakes from beneath the Radnor Forest. The people of the valley discover that terrifying Night Creatures want to take over the modern world. Only dragon-fire can destroy them – and Jonah finds that he is the only person who can control the Great Dragon.


The writing is good, very good. The story starts with a big jolt as Jonah is chased from his uncle’s farm to Erin’s farm, up and over hills and mud, and everything else one finds on a farm. Then the writing slows us down, as we meet the well-developed characters, and then builds up to a wild climax that will have you turning pages as fast as your fingers can fly. I thought I knew what was going on and whom a stranger to town actually was, then I would turn the page only to be unsure once more. The writing will keep you locked on the story. In many respect this is a scary story, but not as scary as it could have been. Kids can read about Jonah and not have nightmares or become afraid to leave the house. Older kids and adults will also enjoy Jonah and the Last Great Dragon. There are no illustrations—at least not on paper. Your imagination will illustrate the story as it unfolds. The writing is descriptive, logical, colorful, and perfectly paced. Jonah and the Last Great Dragon: Legend of the Heart Eaters is one of the best middle grade stories this year. ~ Sue Morris, Kid Lit Reviews

M.E. Holley
M.E. Holley M.E. Holley studied English and Old English at Aberdeen University, becoming fascinated by old legends and sagas. She has been a teacher in ...
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