Mistflower - The Loneliest Mouse

Mistflower - The Loneliest Mouse

When a scared kitten finds himself lost and alone, the only creature to take pity on him is the cats' arch enemy - a mouse.


Mistflower is a friendly little mouse. But as the long days of summer draw to a close she increasingly dreads the loneliness winter brings. Her prayers for help are answered in a way she could never have imagined when a small kitten, Silk, is dumped in the garden of the abandoned vicarage which is her home. Terrified, but unable to bring herself to desert him, the courageous mouse finds herself in a life changing adventure. Together the two of them survive the destruction of their home, find many new friends and make a dangerous enemy. Now all they need to do is survive her scheming.


It's an exciting story with lots of adventure that will attract children to it. The book is also appealing to adult readers for its wisdom and spiritual undertones. The beautiful story of Mistflower, who decides to take care of a kitten, is really touching and it evokes a lot of love and compassion amongst readers. The challenges, the adventures, the other animals in the story and the delightful pictures make it an entertaining story for kids. What makes the book more appealing is that it teaches kids to love other creatures, to have compassion and to value friendship. The story can also inspire them to be more kind and loving. The characters of Mistflower and Silk are lovable and their friendship is intense, tender and comforting. It is a beautiful story of wisdom with touches of spirituality conveyed with elegance and subtlety to readers. ~ Readers' Favorite, https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/mistflower

Mistflower is a gentle and very sensitive story that inspires love, compassion and freedom. The narrative is very poetic and a spiritual approach embraces it kindly. The plot tells the beautiful story of a lonely mouse that takes on a mission to save and take care of a kitten. The book has a dynamic narrative surrounded by a great adventure with lots of suspense. In my opinion it is an important reading for younger readers, starting at ten, and it can really inspire and teach them to be more kind and to be able to see others, expressing love and compassion for them, for the animals and the planet. But it is also a book for all age ranges, like me, who really got touched by it, almost cried and loved it! I really recommend it! ~ Fernando Camargo, Amazon.com

Mistflower ~ The Loneliest Mouse is about an unlikely friendship between Mistflower the mouse and Silk a very small lost kitten. It is beautifully written with lots of adventure and will appeal to adults as well as older children. The writing style is excellent to make this one of the better older children's books I have seen a long time. Krystina Kellingley wrote a great story with delightful pictures, as you can see on the cover. ~ Jody, Goodreads

Kellingley successfully combines fantasy and reality. Mistflower is a great character. Despite his personal flaws, his essential courage and resourcefulness make him admirable. This is an absolutely adorable book to read to your little ones! Mine loved it! It has quite a bit of adventure in it for one little mouse. I love this name of this book and I have to say that the author is really good. There are a lot of good details about what it is like to be a mouse out in nature. I felt, scared, happy and miserable with Mistflower. ~ MaryAnn, Amazon.com

This is one of the most charming and enchanting books I've had the pleasure of reading. And I admit it, I cried at the end. I'm sure my grandchildren will as well. It's a wonderful read. I loved the animals and their relationships. I've always thought animals talked to one another. Now I'm certain. No one is too old to enjoy this book. There are life lessons in it that are beautifully presented, no matter what one's age is. Congratulations to the author for providing such a wonderful treat! ~ Dianne Harman, Goodreads

Mistflower: the Mouse We Can All Learn From Don't let the animal characters fool you. This charming tale is full of lessons we as adults should take to heart. A cat and mouse become unlikely friends, thanks to the courage of a wee mouse. She overcomes her instincts to come to the aid of a tiny kitten. I have to admit, I'm a cat lover, and Ms. Kellingley knows just how to endear this kitty to my heart. There are many other animal friends along the way. Storm, the sheep dog is one of my favorites. He is brave and loyal and kindhearted, just as every dog truly is. All of these animals speak of a Great God of All Things, who they thank daily for their many blessings and call upon when they have need. Help may arrive in any unexpected form, and the animals are wise enough to recognize it. This tale reminds us to do something kind for others when we have the opportunity. It's a shame that so many of us pass by animals or other people in need and do nothing. We don't think we can make much difference, but this tiny mouse proves that no matter how small you are, you can make a world of difference to someone else. I'm a sucker for animals, so this one is a keeper! Highly recommended to any animal lover and fans of the Warriors or Survivors series ~ Lana Axe, Goodreads

I really enjoyed this book. Such a great moral to the story. I loved the characters (except Caramel...which no one is intended to like her). I must add that it was well written and the chapter of Home Coming was so emotional...a perfect ending to a perfect story. Awesome book! ~ Cathy Moore, Goodreads

I received this book from Goodreads. I cannot wait to have a grandchild to read this story to at bedtime! It is touching and teaches about friendship and compassion. I even shed a tear! ~ Melanie, Goodreads

From the synopsis this looked like a really good story to read with the eight year old I was child sitting for. I'd intended for us to read a couple of chapters each time but once we started neither of us wanted to stop reading. We both finally fell asleep just after Storm, the sheepdog found Mistflower and Silk in the barn. I took the book home with me and found myself compulsively reading it every spare minute I had. I also found that re-reading what I'd read the next time I child sat didn't dim my enjoyment one whit. It really is a fantastic story. It is very well written and the characters are warm and endearing (all except for Caramel the cow, who is bossy and really horrible). We were totally lost in the story and found ourselves, as you do with truly wonderful books, desperate to reach the end and know the outcome while at the same time dreading coming to the end. When we finally did reach the final page we were both sad and immediately agreed to read it again. We are now reading a little less compulsively but still with great enjoyment. I've now got my own copy as it is a book I will never grow out of. As my little friend put it; it is the best thing since Charlotte's Web. ~ A. Wallen, Amazon.com

I was mesmerised by this book, I couldn’t put it down and was sad went I reached the end, it would be nice to think there would be a sequel. I was so impressed that I left my copy with a friend of mine and I have ordered a second copy. Well done to the author and congratulations to the illustrator. ~ Shaidy Aidy, Kid - Lit Reviews

I enjoyed this story very much. It is sweet, yet devious; harmonious, yet deceptive. The friendship between the small kitten and the even smaller mouse is a testament to all the odd relationships animals have formed through the years. When a bully becomes friends with his long time target, or any other odd couple emerges, Mistflower, the Loneliest Mouse is their story. I like that the animals, regardless of their nature (such as a cat to chase a mouse or bird), they come together when needed. Once a year the animals, all of them, gather to celebrate Walpurgis Night. Ghost, a snow-white owl, leads the meeting. For this one night, all creatures are safe as they gather to thank The Great God of all living creatures. This reminded me of WWII, when at Christmas a cease-fire existed for the one day. It also shows that all men can get along, as can all creatures. We only need to try. That may be the gist of the story. The illustrations, at the head of each chapter, foretells the action. The line art, in black and white, are well-drawn, interesting depictions of the characters. Sarah Frances Nash adds unmistakable emotion in the character’s eyes, such as Silk, scared when he realizes Longtooth, a badger, is planning to harm him. Mistflower’s worry is very apparent while watching over Silk, as he recovers from falling into the icy pond. The illustrations give the eyes a nice break from the text. Boys and girls, and even parents, will enjoy Mistflower, the Loneliest Mouse. The violence is minimal. When Caramel tries to kill Silk the author created wonderful scenes that made me worried, yet encouraged. Nothing will frighten even the youngest child, who I think will want to hear this story more than once. There are chapters, making this a good bedtime story told over several nights or used in a classroom-reading circle. With all the fantasy, dystopian worlds, and other belief suspending stories of late, Mistflower, the Loneliest Mouse returns to storytelling based on characters and relationships that do not require one to suspend anything to understand and enjoy the story. It is a simple, eloquent story and one of the best I have had the pleasure of recommending from debut children’s author Krystina Kellingley To read more go to http://kid-lit-reviews.com/2013/03/24/review-mistflower-the-loneliest-mouse-by-krystina-kellingley/ ~ Kid Lit Reviews, http://kid-lit-reviews.com/2013/03/24/review-mistflower-the-loneliest-mouse-by-krystina-kellingley/

This is a lovely, delicate and delightful story about a little mouse called Mistflower and a very lost and afraid kitten called Silk. Mistflower finds herself becoming very lonely as the final days of summer come to an end. Her friends have all gone and the Vicarage she calls home is cold and deserted. Silk is a little kitten that is so busy playing along the lanes chasing butterflies and leaves but discovers herself far from home and with no idea of how to get home as the day draws to an end. This is about how the two most unlikely creatures become good and trusting friends and face all kinds of adversity in the long abandoned Vicarage gardens. The friends find their way to the barn at Farmer John’s where they begin to make a new life for themselves along with new friends. Caramel the Cow, who turns out to be not so friendly after all, Lilac her calf, Blackthorn the blackbird rescued from a terrible accident by Silk, Ghost the Owl who in his wisdom lets it be known the animals are all under his care and protection, along with many more characters from the woods and the farm yard all become part of a courageous mouse called Mistflower’s life. Adventures galore are had by one and all until evil comes into Mistflower and Silks lives placing not only their lives but those of their friends in terrible jeopardy. Mistflower is a story about friendship, good and evil, finding friends in the most unlike places, giving, life and living and even when things seem to be at their darkest, hope along with a helping hand to guide. As a first novel from Kellingley it is a triumph and one that should not be restricted to the YA/Young reader category. Amongst the pages there are gentle reminders to all that kindness, friendship and going the little bit extra when required comes with rewards and gifts of its own. ~ Jan Mawdesley, Bluewolf Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful My son who is 13 is reading this book at the moment. I bought it for him because it looked fresh and enticing, with a reasonable length story line for his age. He is enjoying the book so much he keeps telling me what is happening. I have had a quick glance through and the book and it looks lovely, with some wonderful illustrations. I am looking forward to him finishing the book so I can read it. ~ Lynn, Amazon Verified Purchase

This gorgeous story delighted me with its subtle touches of wisdom and spirituality. The plight of the kitten, Silk, quickly drew me in, and I found myself aching for Mistflower the Mouse as well. The author made me feel the wonder of life as a small creature--the fun, the wonder, and...the danger of it. Mistflower is a loveable character who has much to offer children and adults alike. More than once while reading, I stopped and reread a paragraph, just to let the truth of this little mouse's insight soak in. Her story is a timeless one. Though there were intense moments for Mistflower and Silk, the overall message was a tender and comforting one. It's a lovely book ~ Cricket Baker, Goodreads

Krystina Kellingley
Krystina Kellingley Krystina Kellingley is publisher of imprints Axis Mundi, Cosmic Egg, Our Street, Lodestone and Dodona. She is editor of Writer's Wheel magaz...
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