Magnificent Me, Magnificent You - Grand Canyon

Magnificent Me, Magnificent You - Grand Canyon

A story of discovery with a range of inspiring fun exercises, activities, songs and games.


Thousands of years ago, ancient wise men called yogis, sat and observed the world around them and developed a range of exercises based around the natural world we live in.
This Magnificent Me, Magnificent You activity book shares many of these exercises through the exciting adventures of twins Crystal and Leo.
In this book, Crystal and Leo are transported by their unique wishing mirror to the magnificent Grand Canyon, where they embark upon a treasure filled journey. Alongside their story of discovery is a range of inspiring fun exercises, activities, songs and games.
Come and join them and discover your own treasures.

For children aged 6-11 years


I felt the book was imaginative and informative at the same time, there was a clear story that flowed. Lots of visual aids which are so important to children and there was a good balance of emphasis placed on postures and breathing and meditation Loved the affirmation 'Within you there is also a treasure trove of magnificence.' Personally speaking as a teacher this book would fit in with many areas of the curriculum. Thanks for a good read ~ Melanie Lee - Yoga Teacher

"Magnificent Me, Magnificent You" is a playful yet powerful introduction to yoga and meditation for children. Beautifully illustrated, every parent aspiring for their children's well-being should get this gem of a book. Grown up children will also learn from this book, just like I did. I got a copy for my nieces, directly from the author, and they have started practicing sun salutations as taught in a fun way in this book! ~ Arvind Devalia, coach, speaker and author of Amazon best-seller "Get the Life you Love

Dawattie Basdeo
Dawattie Basdeo Dawattie Basdeo children's yoga teacher and founder of Holistic World Ltd, is a passionate promoter of a Holistic Lifestyle. Dawattie has...

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