Play the Game

Play the Game

Making the most of your one wild and precious life

If Life is a game, then this book contains the practical tools and exercises you need to help you really enjoy it.


Play the Game just might be the lost User’s Guide to the biggest, most challenging game you ever came to play. Humorous and down-to-earth, it includes practical exercises and tips to help you make the most of your life, create the game you really want to play and live in a lighter, more positive and authentic way. You are the main character in this book; it’s your own story that provides the best material and you decide what happens next. Life-changing stuff? It just might be. Play on.


Your life is what you make of it. Play the Game: Making the Most of Your One Wild and Precious Life is an inspirational guide that encourages people to treat their life as a game and that the fun of that game all relies on the will of the player. With much in the ways of wisdom and advice for having fun with life and being successful at it, Corinne Williams proves very wise. Play the Game: Making the Most of Your One Wild and Precious Life is a read well worth considering for those who want to revitalize their life. ~ James Cox, MidWest Review

This book is positively inspirational. Packed full of sound, practical advice, achievable exercises and support for young people at what may be a difficult time of their lives, it encourages individuality, confidence, inner peace and strength. Corinne’s writing makes reading this book a funny and pleasurable experience, teaching young people ways to nourish their own heart and soul. Magical! ~ Debra McCallion, Life Coach and Trainer

I wish someone had written a book like this when I was at school! It's full of good advice and practical tips on ways to think and live that will have a positive impact on you and those around you. Even if you only practise one or two of the ideas in here, you run the risk of leading a happier and more fulfilled life. ~ Phil Clothier, CEO, Barrett Values Centre (Cultural Transformational Tools)

A really helpful book, funny, and great for when you're stressed out with exam pressure! Read it! ~ Charlotte Blackburn, 16

Really enjoyed this amazing book! The best thing I've read in a long while. ~ Alex, 14

"A really great self-confidence booster, and loads of de-stress tips - Play on!" ~ Heather Barker, 15

"Full of useful ideas on how to cope with different situations, and to enjoy life!" ~ Isobel Crampton, 15

"This book can really help with all sorts of problems! A must read" ~ Naomi Markham, 15

"Very interesting! Loads of good tips on living life to the full" ~ Stuart McDonald, 16

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