Princess Gardener, The

Princess Gardener, The

A princess and a farm girl scheme to swap lives and in doing so help save the kingdom, and themselves.


The Princess Gardener is the story of a young girl who is a princess by accident of birth. Her passion lies outside the castle, tending the gardens. But castle duties call more and more often, and her parents insist she learn what she calls "the princess business." Reluctantly, she curtseys and bows and smiles her way through the empty rituals of the kingdom, but every day she longs for the smell of the earth. A chance encounter causes the princess to switch lives with a young farm girl, who is her exact likeness. When people begin to fall ill, the girls learn that the source of the sickness is covered-up pollution in the water supply. Will they discover their true capabilities and save the kingdom, or are the girls' lives about to become very complicated?


I loved this book alot. It is well written and really enjoyable. I read it in one sitting. Eugenie and Alyssa ending was surprisingly wonderfully unique. I want to read more by this author. ~ Belinda Clemens, NetGalley

PRAISE FOR MICHAEL STRELOW'S 'THE GREENING OF BEN BROWN': Fascinating, humorous, and wise, The Greening of Ben Brown deserves its place on bookshelves along with other Northwest classics. ~ Craig Lesley, author of Storm Riders

Thanks for the advanced copy of this one. Over to my ten year old daughter to tell us what she thought... I love this book because after the first page or so, I felt like Eugenie was my best friend and I'd known her all my life. The storyline is intriguing and once the action had started, I couldn't put the book down. If I had to rewrite the book, I would not change a thing! I would 100% recommend the book to anyone who likes adventure and fantasy. I feel like this book will be a bestseller! ~ Dan Pawley, NetGaley

PRAISE FOR MICHAEL STRELOW'S 'SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED': ...this novel illuminates the beautiful and mysterious transformation that occurs when we listen carefully to the world. ~ Scott Nadelson, author of Between You and Me

Michael Strelow
Michael Strelow Michael Strelow has a Ph.D in Literature, and has published poetry, short stories, and non-fiction essays in literary and commercial magazin...
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