Relax Kids: Little Book of Stars

Relax Kids: Little Book of Stars

52 star meditations for under 5s


The Little Book of Stars is the perfect way to introduce toddlers to relaxation and meditation. Each page explores a positive quality or value in an easy to understand and child friendly way. Examples include Happy Star, Calm Star, Brilliant Star and Generous Star.

This book is designed to engage very young children while introducing them to simple relaxation and mindfulness techniques.Each relaxation exercise takes around 3-5 mins.

The exercises in the book also aim help develop children's sense of awareness and self worth so promoting confidence and self-esteem.

This book can be used at home, before nap time or bedtime or in nursery and kindergarten schools.

Ages 2-5

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I love this book. Marneta's passion and enthusiasm for the wellbeing of children shines through in every page. Young children will love the simple and repetitive nature of the words and parents can use the text to help foster conversation about sensitive emotional issues that may otherwise be hard for the child to talk about. ~ Sarah Ockwell Smith, Parenting Author.

I believe your relaxation techniques should be taught to all children (and its never too soon ) . In the stressful world in which we live my legacy to my 4year olds is the learned ability to switch off for a few minutes every day...a time to be thankful for their uniqueness and to celebrate the knowledge that we are ALL special . ~ Lynne Baxter

Marneta Viegas
Marneta Viegas Marneta Viegas is founder of Relax Kids Ltd - the UK's leading expert on children's relaxation. She is author of 9 books and has produced a ...

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