Shadow's Tale, A

Shadow's Tale, A

Half-demon Shadow Roth thought she was normal until the arrival of the father she never wanted and the prophecy that turned her life on its head.


A Shadow's Tale is an Urban Fantasy/Bildungsroman that follows the life of a half-demon girl as she comes to terms with who she is. The life of one of every two half demons is controlled by prophecy. The more powerful the demonic parent, the more impact the prophecy has on the hybrid’s life. When the half-demon race wilfully became extinct, certain prophecies were deemed never to come to pass. They were wrong. Shadow has to learn how to cope with who she is, how to deal with people who won't accept her half-demon status, and what her future has in store for her.


This one was so good. It is a new take on half-demons, etc. From page to page it will keep you on your toes as it tells the story of prophecy, love, and how you can survive a life as a hybrid. I loved Shadow! She was such a great character! Throughout the book she just doesn't want to accept who she is. But ultimately she realizes that what you are doesn't make you who you are. It was a wonderful book of finding out what you are made of, who you will be, and what your future will hold. ~ Tammie King, Director of Marketing Night Owl Reviews :

Jennifer Hanlon
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