Wonderful Earth
An interactive book for hours of fun learning

Interactive creation story -lift the flap, turn the wheel, look in the mirror and more

We have a wonderful Earth! The Creation story is shown in this colorful book through interactive elements such as lift the flap, turn the wheel, look in the mirror, and more. Kids will have hours of fun as they explore Creation and learn how they can take care of our wonderful planet. This is a new edition for the O-Books imprint of this popular book. Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen are amongst the successful writers and illustrators of childrens books over the last generation, with tens of millions of books in print.
  • This re-issue of a book originally published in December 2003 by Hunt and Thorpe is very welcome. It has lost none of its appeal over the years, in fact anything with the names Butterworth and Inkpen attached will attract attention and full marks to O Books for the opportunity to introduce this book to a new readership.
    This is the creation story told and illustrated in a clear and fun way that young people will enjoy being told and adults will enjoy telling! I have already read and re-read right through with a smile on my face and a longing to share it with a youngster, which I will at the earliest opportunity. A glorious book, long may it be in print. ~ Mary Bartholomew, The Goodbookstall
  • A well-written book with great illustrations that keeps children interested from start to finish.  The context of the book is explained in a very simple way which makes it easy for youngsters to understand and remember.  The strong religious theme to the book might not  everyone's liking but it does also state the importance of looking after the earth.

    ~ Joe Taylor, The NEWSpaper