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Our books are available through bookstores worldwide, in the high street and online, from wholesalers and from the distributors listed below.

Readers can buy through their local bookstore or preferred online bookseller by clicking on one of the buy links on the book page on this website.  Hive and Indiebound support local bookstores. Alternatively you can contact the distributor in your region.

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Melody's Unicorn by Richard Swan

Melody's Unicorn

A Story of Here and There

Richard Swan

Princess Gardener, The by Michael Strelow

Princess Gardener, The

Michael Strelow

Emajen by Ashley Ledigo


Ashley Ledigo

Company of the Flaming Sword, The by M H Lord

Company of the Flaming Sword, The

Buried Treasure

M H Lord

Kingsholt by Susan Holliday


Susan Holliday

May's Moon by S.Y. Palmer

May's Moon

S.Y. Palmer

Mundus Grundy by Kingsley L. Dennis

Mundus Grundy

Trouble in Grundusland

Kingsley L. Dennis