JUVENILE FICTION (General) -> Fantasy & Magic


Ashley Ledigo

Mar 2018

Two children undertake an epic journey across three amazing worlds to defeat the tyrannical Crevitos.

Melody's Unicorn

A Story of Here and There

Richard Swan

May 2018

Melody spots a unicorn in London's Oxford Street, and follows it to the Otherworld...

Firebird Chronicles, The: Through the Uncrossable Boundary

Daniel Ingram-Brown

Nov 2018

Can Fletcher and Scoop cross the Boundary and reunite their creators before their world is destroyed?

Changeling Quest, The

Children of the Fae

Maria Moloney

Mar 2013

A fairy baby is swapped for a human baby. Ten years later the secret is out and Tara and Niamh along with friends Lucy and Jared set out on an adventure of a lifetime.

Jonah and the Last Great Dragon

Legend of the Heart Eaters

M.E. Holley

Nov 2012

When legendary creatures invade our modern world,  only dragonfire can destroy them - and Jonah alone can control the Great Dragon.

Greta and Boris

A daring rescue

Sian Norris

Mar 2013

Greta’s best friend is her cat Boris, but she soon realises her bewhiskered buddy has another life in another world.

Firebird Chronicles, The: Rise of the Shadow Stealers

Daniel Ingram-Brown

Jan 2013

Things are going missing. Can Fletcher and Scoop unearth their own lost history and save the Storyteller's treasure from the shadows?

Shadow's Tale, A

Jennifer Hanlon

Feb 2014

Half-demon Shadow Roth thought she was normal until the arrival of the father she never wanted and the prophecy that turned her life on its head.

Jonah and the Last Great Dragon: Menace of the Night Creatures

M.E. Holley

Jun 2014

When Night Creatures invade London, Jonah and the SAS dragon-riders are summoned, but the answer lies in ice, not fire.

Mundus Grundy

Trouble in Grundusland

Kingsley L. Dennis

Sep 2015

The stability of all the realms is in the balance…and the situation is getting a little out-of-hand…

Company of the Flaming Sword, The

Buried Treasure

M H Lord

Mar 2016

Mystery, mayhem and magic – a gripping adventure for 8+

Firebird Chronicles, The: The Nemesis Charm

Daniel Ingram-Brown

May 2016

Sickness spills from beyond the Un-Crossable Boundary. Can Fletcher and Scoop break its deadly curse before their old enemy takes control?

Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation

Susan Elizabeth Hale

Oct 2016

With the Great Mother Tree dying in the Shining Land, eleven-year-old Emma Oliver must sing the Song of Creation before it’s too late.