• Where is Lonely?
    Eva McIntyre
    "That's the best story I've heard in a very long time!" ~ Year 3 Pupil, Wilden Primary School

  • Where is Lonely?
    Eva McIntyre
    Where is Lonely? is an illustrated story for young children, telling of Chelsea, a restless outdoor-loving tomboy who sneaks out of the house and goes exploring in the countryside. She meets an ogre who does his best to frighten her, with radical consequences.

    The tale has many hooks for teaching, and indeed good ideas with resource references are included for a variety of activities with Reception and KS1 children. These range from drawing spiders to discussing the nature of friendships.

    Where is Lonely? uses just two main characters and describes their initial reactions on meeting unexpectedly. Starting in familiar settings, there will be a girl recognisable as Chelsea-like in many school classes. Her adventure moves smoothly into more fantastic territory, where readers can be prompted to think about how to respond to unfamiliar situations, and to reflect on how they might behave or feel. There is great potential in this simple story for material to help open up discussion about relationships and the value of every individual.
    Matt Sendorek - Primary Teacher ~ Matt Sendorek, Primary Teacher

  • Magnificent Me, Magnificent You - Grand Canyon
    Angela Cutler
    Dawattie Basdeo
    "Magnificent Me, Magnificent You" is a playful yet powerful introduction to yoga and meditation for children.

    Beautifully illustrated, every parent aspiring for their children's well-being should get this gem of a book. Grown up children will also learn from this book, just like I did.

    I got a copy for my nieces, directly from the author, and they have started practicing sun salutations as taught in a fun way in this book! ~ Arvind Devalia, coach, speaker and author of Amazon best-seller "Get the Life you Love

  • Relax Kids: Pants of Peace
    Marneta Viegas

    Children loved the breathing and relaxation but as soon as the word 'pants' was used there was hysterics.
    Now, this is not to say that this is a bad book I do think that working with these meditations could enhance the lives of our children.
    However I would leave the initial 'pants' one until the kids are familiar with the concepts involved. The 'chair of quiet' or 'Door of choice' and many others, 52in all, are lovely. ~ the Inner Light, Vol 35 No 1

  • Magnificent Me, Magnificent You - Grand Canyon
    Angela Cutler
    Dawattie Basdeo
    I felt the book was imaginative and informative at the same time, there was a clear story that flowed. Lots of visual aids which are so important to children and there was a good balance of emphasis placed on postures and breathing and meditation Loved the affirmation 'Within you there is also a treasure trove of magnificence.' Personally speaking as a teacher this book would fit in with many areas of the curriculum.
    Thanks for a good read
    ~ Melanie Lee - Yoga Teacher

  • Mundus Grundy
    Kingsley L. Dennis
    It’s a mighty audacious tale…it’s bad…it be so real bad! ~ Wenkle Frat (Deputy to Farnuk Tam)

  • Mundus Grundy
    Kingsley L. Dennis
    It’s a gnome-certified adventure like none other – and I’m so cool. ~ Fender Tart (Coolest gnome in Grundusland)

  • Mundus Grundy
    Kingsley L. Dennis
    ‘It’s all stinking nonsense - it didn’t happen like that at all. Don’t believe a word of those do-gooding imp-pushing gnomes! ~ Farnuk Tam (Self-Appointed Goblin King)

  • Mundus Grundy
    Kingsley L. Dennis
    A rip-racing yarn that doesn’t let you stop for breath - and it’s all true! ~ Mundus Grundy (King of Grundusland)

  • Mundus Grundy
    Kingsley L. Dennis
    Mundus Grundy has the humour and cheekiness of Terry Pratchett with a dash of Philip Pullman’s vision. ~ Kate Cann, author of Witch Crag

  • Greta and Boris
    Sian Norris
    “It was really good hearing her inspirations for her book and how it was written and then illustrated. ” said Ben

    “Her book sounds very emotional and heart warming. If I had made this book, I would be very proud of myself.” said Emily

    “Meeting Sian Norris was amazing because she went to Backwell School and then became an author.” said Imogen. ~ Backwell School students,

  • Where is Lonely?
    Eva McIntyre
    A gentle, thoughtful book, perfect to open discussions with young children about life and friendship ~ Susanne Atherton, Author and Social Work Expert

  • Where is Lonely?
    Eva McIntyre
    A simple but beautiful story. Well written and dealing with friendship issues for children in a lovely way. A book that your child will want to read again and again.

    ~ Rhiannon Biddulph Williams, Parent

  • Where is Lonely?
    Eva McIntyre
    "Want to know how to 'out-ogre' an ogre? Let Chelsea, the energetic, articulate, contemporary, funny - and un-fairytale-like heroine - show you how! Refreshingly and delightfully uncluttered, in both narrative and illustration, Chelsea's journey is poignant and engaging, exploring themes of isolation and difference effectively - by the writer's insight and her gift for humour. Younger audiences will soon 'click' into repeated language patterns and anticipate/predict what Chelsea might do next - or to work further from the text and ponder upon what actions they would take/how they would feel/what they might change, etc.
    Un-fluffy in its presentation, this modern book has a bite - and its adult characters are worthy of further study. 'Where is Lonely?' can be explored on several levels, by a range of readers. It's an excellent book for extending social skills within a classroom environment - providing, also, a range of suggested teaching resource ideas for further exploration. An all-round must-have."

    ~ Pauline Rice, Holistic Therapist & former primary school arts specialist

  • Where is Lonely?
    Eva McIntyre
    A really excellent read. If you want to broach issues such as friendship and being lonely within a positive and creative story, this is the children's book for you . The main characters of Chelsea and the ogre are beautifully delineated and the plot moves us on with some delightful illustrations and twists. This would be great to use with children of all abilities and suitable for either home or classroom use.,the teaching notes at the end are both open and useful, giving plenty of scope for further exploration. If you liked the gruffalo you will love this little tome!
    On the other hand, should you just want to delight in the tale and enjoy the experience without an agenda for teaching, it is a touching read without being sentimental or cliched.
    Highly recommended. ~ Andrea Davies Miller, English Teacher and Freelance Editor

  • Where is Lonely?
    Eva McIntyre
    ' Where is Lonely? is an enchanting book. A fantastic teaching tool for PSHE & Circle time.
    It would sit well in both a group or 1 to 1 situation. The illustrations are stimulating and would encourage
    even a reluctant child to participate. The formate keeps your interest throughout the story.
    I would highly recommended this book to the primary age range.'
    Joy White, Primary School Headteacher.' ~ Joy White, Primary Head Teacher

  • Monster Hunter's Manual, The
    Jessica Penot
    Monster Hunter's Manual Book 1: Skeletons and Traps is a novel for young adults about adapting to broad changes. Gabriel is a boy whose life has just been upended; his parents have died, and he's required to move to a new country, France. He doesn't get along with his eccentric aunt or his crybaby little brother, and he doesn't want to learn French. But as he explores his aunt's castle, he starts to stumble upon elements of adventure, including friendly skeletons to storytelling ghosts. An ultimately upbeat story about making the most of what life dishes out, Monster Hunter's Manual is highly recommended.

    The review has been provided to the Helen C. White Library's "Cooperative Children's Book Center" (University of Wisconsin, Madison) where it will be made available to school and community librarians throughout Wisconsin's public school systems and community libraries. This review has also been provided to the Cengage Learning, Gale interactive CD-ROM series "Book Review Index" which is published four times yearly for academic, corporate, and public library systems.

    ~ Magazine-'Children's Bookwatch', Midwest Book Review

  • Mistflower - The Loneliest Mouse
    Krystina Kellingley
    Kellingley successfully combines fantasy and reality. Mistflower is a great character. Despite his personal flaws, his essential courage and resourcefulness make him admirable. This is an absolutely adorable book to read to your little ones! Mine loved it! It has quite a bit of adventure in it for one little mouse.

    I love this name of this book and I have to say that the author is really good. There are a lot of good details about what it is like to be a mouse out in nature. I felt, scared, happy and miserable with Mistflower. ~ MaryAnn,

  • Mistflower - The Loneliest Mouse
    Krystina Kellingley
    Mistflower is a gentle and very sensitive story that inspires love, compassion and freedom.
    The narrative is very poetic and a spiritual approach embraces it kindly.
    The plot tells the beautiful story of a lonely mouse that takes on a mission to save and take care of a kitten.
    The book has a dynamic narrative surrounded by a great adventure with lots of suspense.
    In my opinion it is an important reading for younger readers, starting at ten, and it can really inspire and teach them to be more kind and to be able to see others, expressing love and compassion for them, for the animals and the planet.
    But it is also a book for all age ranges, like me, who really got touched by it, almost cried and loved it!
    I really recommend it! ~ Fernando Camargo,

  • Jonah and the Last Great Dragon: Menace of the Night Creatures
    M.E. Holley
    I just finished reading your book and I thought it was really exciting! I just can't wait until the next one comes out! ~ Catherine, Young reader

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