Recently Published Books

Ghosts of Blackbottle Rock, The

Martyn Beardsley

Dec 2017

Revenge from beyond the grave...

Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation

Susan Elizabeth Hale

Oct 2016

With the Great Mother Tree dying in the Shining Land, eleven-year-old Emma Oliver must sing the Song of Creation before it’s too late.

Firebird Chronicles, The: The Nemesis Charm

Daniel Ingram-Brown

May 2016

Sickness spills from beyond the Un-Crossable Boundary. Can Fletcher and Scoop break its deadly curse before their old enemy takes control?

Company of the Flaming Sword, The

Buried Treasure

M H Lord

Mar 2016

Mystery, mayhem and magic – a gripping adventure for 8+


Susan Holliday

Dec 2015

Sam and Chloe never thought they would spend the summer holidays fighting a battle against the dark past that haunts Kingsholt.

May's Moon

S.Y. Palmer

Dec 2015

If thirteen-year-old Michael May passes a battery of tests, he could be the first child on the moon!

Mundus Grundy

Trouble in Grundusland

Kingsley L. Dennis

Sep 2015

The stability of all the realms is in the balance…and the situation is getting a little out-of-hand…

Magnificent Me, Magnificent You - Grand Canyon

Dawattie Basdeo
Angela Cutler

Dec 2014

A story of discovery with a range of inspiring fun exercises, activities, songs and games.

Relax Kids: How to be Happy

52 positive activities for children

Marneta Viegas

Dec 2014

Fun activities to bring the family together.

Relax Kids: Be Brilliant!

52 positive activities for kids

Marneta Viegas

Dec 2014

52 positive activities for kids.

Relax Kids: Little Book of Stars

Marneta Viegas

Nov 2014

52 star meditations for under 5s

Relax Kids: Pants of Peace

52 meditation tools for children

Marneta Viegas

Aug 2014

These reflections incorporate simple relaxation exercises and visualizations designed to improve children’s self-esteem and confidence and reduce stress and anxiety.

Where is Lonely?

Eva McIntyre

Jul 2014

This is the story of Chelsea who is lonely, and Lonely who is grumpy, and how becoming friends changes everything.

Jonah and the Last Great Dragon: Menace of the Night Creatures

M.E. Holley

Jun 2014

When Night Creatures invade London, Jonah and the SAS dragon-riders are summoned, but the answer lies in ice, not fire.

Monster Hunter's Manual, The

Jessica Penot

Jun 2014

As Gabriel enters his aunt's ancient castle he soon learns that skeletons aren't always scary and ghosts can tell the most interesting stories.

Dear Little Angels: Ariel

Alexandra Wenman

Mar 2014

When your little angel's sad, poorly or full of fright, call on the help of celestial superheroes: "Archangels take flight!"

Relax Kids: The Magic Box

Marneta Viegas

Mar 2014

A book full of magical meditations to enhance your child's mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Shadow's Tale, A

Jennifer Hanlon

Feb 2014

Half-demon Shadow Roth thought she was normal until the arrival of the father she never wanted and the prophecy that turned her life on its head.

Parenting Steps - Understanding Your Child

An A-Z Psychological Handbook

Mavis Klein

Aug 2013

A comprehensive guide to the psychology of parenting. Jargon-free, accessible and succinct, with cross-referencing throughout.

Veiled Dreams

Gill James

Jul 2013

Cristina’s accident takes her to a strange world where she learns about otherness, sexuality, and about herself.

Ghosting of Gods, The

Cricket Baker

May 2013

A young exorcist must unravel the mystery of ghosts and face shattering truths to save his dead sister.

Charlee and the Child Angel

Anna Jordan

Apr 2013

Charlee Bell-Jones misses her beloved dad, but when Jesse the Child Angel appears, Charlee's life begins to change dramatically...

Greta and Boris

A daring rescue

Sian Norris

Mar 2013

Greta’s best friend is her cat Boris, but she soon realises her bewhiskered buddy has another life in another world.

Mistflower - The Loneliest Mouse

Krystina Kellingley

Mar 2013

When a scared kitten finds himself lost and alone, the only creature to take pity on him is the cats' arch enemy - a mouse.

Changeling Quest, The

Children of the Fae

Maria Moloney

Mar 2013

A fairy baby is swapped for a human baby. Ten years later the secret is out and Tara and Niamh along with friends Lucy and Jared set out on an adventure of a lifetime.

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  • Angela CutlerAngela Cutler
  • S.Y. PalmerS.Y. PalmerSue Palmer studied German and International Studies at the University of Warwick, before taking up a...
  • M.E. HolleyM.E. HolleyM.E. Holley studied English and Old English at Aberdeen University, becoming fascinated by old legen...
  • Susan HollidaySusan HollidaySusan Skinner is an author, artist and ecumenical Christian living in the south of England.She belon...
  • Julie-Anne SykleyJulie-Anne SykleyDr Sykley loves adventure (both outdoors and inside the imagination). A main mission in Dr Sykley's ...
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