Book News for April Mar 31 2015

Publishing April's news a little bit early so you know we aren't kidding you... Shanti and the Magic Mandala's achievements certainly require taking seriously as this book has had a stunning succes...

News for February Feb 2 2015

Daniel Ingram Brown is running a course called Stories from the Forests of Leeds for Leeds Big Bookend Festival Running a workshop and being part of a panel discussion for an Indie Writers Festival ...

Festive fiction - the loneliest mouse Dec 22 2014

She had once heard somewhere, though she couldn’t remember where, that people had a saying, ‘poor as a church mouse’, but she couldn’t understand it at all. She supposed it had something to do...

A reader’s guide to imprints Dec 10 2014

By Nimue Brown People in the book industry and authors pay a lot of attention to who publishes what, but readers are often less interested. It’s the author name that is most likely to matter. Ver...

How to inspire an author Nov 12 2014

I asked the JHP fiction authors what sort of settings inspire them... What do we need from a space in order to sit down and create? There’s a broad range of answers here – every author is unique.T...

Monster Hunter's Manual by Jessica Penot, sneak preview! May 21 2014

It had taken us three airplane rides to get to Poitiers and I felt completely lost. When we got off this airplane, I felt even more lost. All the signs were in French and no one spoke any English. We ...


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