Firebird Chronicles, The

The Nemesis Charm

Daniel Ingram-Brown

Company of the Flaming Sword, The

Buried Treasure



Susan Holliday

May's Moon

S.Y. Palmer

Mundus Grundy

Trouble in Grundusland

Kingsley L. Dennis

Relax Kids: Be Brilliant!

52 positive activities for kids

Marneta Viegas

Magnificent Me, Magnificent You - Grand Canyon

Dawattie Basdeo
Angela Cutler

Relax Kids: How to be Happy

52 positive activities for children

Marneta Viegas

Relax Kids: Pants of Peace

52 meditation tools for children

Marneta Viegas

The Company of the Flaming Sword Mar 11 2016

The Company of the Flaming Sword Join Prince Mithel and his intrepid band of young adventurers, in this exciting and courageous all-action tale. When Prince Mithel discovers a treasure map it tak...

A Tale To Warm the Heart of any Child or Adult Dec 22 2015

From our back list is a wonderful tale, Mistflower - The loneliest Mouse. This story lends itself well to be read aloud to children or equally for children 7+ to read themselves.  When a scared kitt...

Author S.Y. Palmer Meets Astronaut Tim Peake! Dec 15 2015

If you or your children like space and all things space-related, this Christmas is especially exiting for you! Big Department stores are showing children looking up into the night sky and spotting...

Help your Children to Relax... Dec 2 2015

Relax Kids author, Marneta Viegas, gives us 10 simple steps to help relax our children: Teach them to breathe. Encourage deep breathing – in through the nose and out slowly through the mouth...

Hallowe'en Reading for the 9-12s - The Changeling Quest Oct 29 2015

One Hallowe'en, a fairy baby is swapped for a human baby. Ten years later the secret is out and Tara and Niamh along with friends Lucy and Jared set out on an adventure of a lifetime. ‘Do you have...

Ghosts, Skeletons, and a Castle.... Oct 19 2015

As Gabriel enters his aunt's ancient castle he soon learns that skeletons aren't always scary and ghosts can tell the most interesting stories. The sun hadn’t risen when Alex came running into my r...

Children's Author Talk in Ilkley Sep 17 2015

If you're in or near Ilkley, come along and meet Daniel Ingram-Brown author of Rise of the Shadow Stealers! Hold the head of the King, and try on Mr Bumbler's hat. Discover more about writing, and ...